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CFS Program

All CFS Programs include:

  • An individualized treatment plan that is developed for each family referred to the CFS program.
  • At least four hours per month of in-home family therapy by a licensed therapist or a therapist with a permit to practice who has intensive family therapy training.
  • Individual counseling or the services of a Behavioral Assistant.
  • Linkage and coordination between CFS staff and other involved agencies and treatment providers.
  • School consultations.
  • Crisis management consultation.

There are no set hours of operation for the CFS program. Family Therapy hours are scheduled so that all family members can attend, usually in the evening. Individual counseling is provided when the child is available and a parent is home. Each therapist provides crisis consultation for the families they are working with. The CFS program is family focused.

All children in a family are encouraged to attend family therapy. It is important to include all family members to ensure that the functioning of the entire family improves as well, which is why CFS's program works with the children's parents, step-parents, grandparents, and any other adult that has a role in taking care of the child.

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